Post Cultuur: Nederlandse ambassades met budget voor cultuur en ontwikkeling

March 2007

The Culture and Development programme (C&D) is part of the Dutch development cooperation policy. The aim of this programme is to reinforce cultural identity in a number of developing countries in order to contribute to sustainable socio-economic development. The programme is run by embassies; 15 C&D branches receive a budget for it. The total annual budget for this Culture and Development programme is 6.5 million euro. Approximately 3.5 million of this amount is reserved for the Prince Claus Fund every year and some 2.7 million is allocated by the embassies.

The embassies with a C&D-budget are: Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bolivia, Egypt, Ghana, Guatemala, Indonesia, Kenia, Macedonia, Mali, Sri Lanka, Surinam, Tanzania, Vietnam en South-Africa. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently investigating whether to include Rwanda, the Palestine areas and India in this programme.


PKPSmall Projects Programme. All 15 branches have this budget. Very minimal contributions can be given to all kinds of projects (including cultural projects).

PCAPCultural Embassies Projects Programme. This is a budget that only the embassies with a specific cultural role receive.

LCF Local Culture Fund.

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